Friday, September 6, 2013

A Fantastic End to a Fantastic Summer

So, technically I've started school already, but I never got around to posting about my last couple days of summer due to the fact that I'm now away from home for almost 12 hours every day, and then spend most of the time I am actually at home doing homework or catching up on sleep (already) So here I am, Friday night after my first week of school, posting about a day almost a week ago. But it was a really good day, so I'm posting about it anyway.

First Finn, Josie, and I ventured out to Goodwill for the labor day sale, which was huge and amazing and as if Goodwill isn't already cheap enough pretty much everything was half price and it just made me happy beyond describable words and such. I only had 20 dollars, but I ended up getting so much stuff I absolutely love and adore and have already worn most of. (I'll post a Outfit Idea post later!!!) Josie and I unfortunately did not buy these Christmas sweaters, because we did not have enough money, but we still tried them on for a picture :)
Also Josie tried on this ridiculous size 30 rainbow polka dot dress, which deserved photographic evidence of existence.
I also desperately wanted to find overalls, but unfortunately the only pair I could find were size 26... Maybe I'll have to try some other Goodwill... (also, sorry for ratchet mirror selfies, there was really no other way to get these ridiculous outfits in their full glory...)

After Goodwill, my mom and I went to Chipotle, and then to the pool for the last hour or so it was open. I don't have any pictures from that now but I will soon I promise! The pool closed at 6, so my friends Faith, Kelsey, and I decided to visit Gelato Celesti after closing, where I kind of overindulged myself with the "chocolate decadence" flavor, and took way too many photos of my ice cream cause I'm dumb like that sorry.

 We may have all gotten chocolate decadence...

Man of Steel was playing at the 2$ theater that night, so my family all went to see it as our final act of summer! Honestly, I have this secret love for action movies, so I really enjoyed it... my mom and my sister though... maybe not so much...

My dad definitely did though. He cried and he STILL won't stop talking about it...

I hope everyone had a great summer! I know I did!!!! Good luck with a new school year/new work year/or really whatever you are doing! 

I'll try as hard as I can to continue posting throughout the school year. Even though it may be more kind of last minute posts like this, I'm really happy I started blogging, so even though these posts are cheesy and my pictures are pretty crappy, I can still one day look back at this and remember how I spent my time, who my friends were, and how I felt from time to time.

You have a chance to do something really amazing this year. So do I. And I'm determined to find it.

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