Tuesday, September 3, 2013


So Friday night I got to do something really, REALLY awesome. My friend Austin is in a metal band (which isn't exactly my style, but if it's yours you can check them out here) so since his band was headlining at the Canal Club Friday night, he asked me to be the acoustic opener! I was kind of freaking out, ok actually that's an understatement for what I was feeling, because everyone at the show was there to see metal music, so I was kind of worried they would hate me because the style of music I play and listen to is probably the farthest you can get from metal, but I think everything went alright! I'm so glad I got to do something like that, and even if it was nerve-racking and terrifying beyond belief, it's something I've always wanted to do!

 Austin played with me for most of the songs.
After me and a couple more bands, Austin's band played, which was REALLY loud, and kind of hard to understand sometimes, but I actually really liked it, they put on a really good show. Check them out here.

Well, maybe the next time I play, it will be at some place other than a rock concert, but I guess everyone has to start somewhere right?!

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