Friday, September 6, 2013

Thoughts About School So Far

Well, I'm tired already.
But other than that, I'm really, REALLY happy.

I'm happy to be with all my best friends again.

I'm happy to introduce everyone to the wonderful freshmen, and vice versa.

I'm happy that even though I may not be an upperclassman yet, at least I'm not on the bottom anymore.

I'm happy with all of my teachers, which is a complete 180 from last year.

I'm happy with myself for surviving the first week (not to mention the first year)

I'm happy to have gym class with my best friend, who tells me she loves me even when I can only do 6 pushups.

Im happy to have a chance to wear all the new clothes I bought at Goodwill.

I'm happy to say that I'm not failing YET!

I'm just happy with this year so far, and I really hope it stays that way :) 

Ok, yeah, my mom made us take stereotypical "first day of school photos" but Meg is just so photogenic it was all ok.
 Typical Meg face...
I love my "little" sister...


A Fantastic End to a Fantastic Summer

So, technically I've started school already, but I never got around to posting about my last couple days of summer due to the fact that I'm now away from home for almost 12 hours every day, and then spend most of the time I am actually at home doing homework or catching up on sleep (already) So here I am, Friday night after my first week of school, posting about a day almost a week ago. But it was a really good day, so I'm posting about it anyway.

First Finn, Josie, and I ventured out to Goodwill for the labor day sale, which was huge and amazing and as if Goodwill isn't already cheap enough pretty much everything was half price and it just made me happy beyond describable words and such. I only had 20 dollars, but I ended up getting so much stuff I absolutely love and adore and have already worn most of. (I'll post a Outfit Idea post later!!!) Josie and I unfortunately did not buy these Christmas sweaters, because we did not have enough money, but we still tried them on for a picture :)
Also Josie tried on this ridiculous size 30 rainbow polka dot dress, which deserved photographic evidence of existence.
I also desperately wanted to find overalls, but unfortunately the only pair I could find were size 26... Maybe I'll have to try some other Goodwill... (also, sorry for ratchet mirror selfies, there was really no other way to get these ridiculous outfits in their full glory...)

After Goodwill, my mom and I went to Chipotle, and then to the pool for the last hour or so it was open. I don't have any pictures from that now but I will soon I promise! The pool closed at 6, so my friends Faith, Kelsey, and I decided to visit Gelato Celesti after closing, where I kind of overindulged myself with the "chocolate decadence" flavor, and took way too many photos of my ice cream cause I'm dumb like that sorry.

 We may have all gotten chocolate decadence...

Man of Steel was playing at the 2$ theater that night, so my family all went to see it as our final act of summer! Honestly, I have this secret love for action movies, so I really enjoyed it... my mom and my sister though... maybe not so much...

My dad definitely did though. He cried and he STILL won't stop talking about it...

I hope everyone had a great summer! I know I did!!!! Good luck with a new school year/new work year/or really whatever you are doing! 

I'll try as hard as I can to continue posting throughout the school year. Even though it may be more kind of last minute posts like this, I'm really happy I started blogging, so even though these posts are cheesy and my pictures are pretty crappy, I can still one day look back at this and remember how I spent my time, who my friends were, and how I felt from time to time.

You have a chance to do something really amazing this year. So do I. And I'm determined to find it.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

This Is Us

Ok, so sorry about the really bad title, and yes, if you were wondering, the One Direction movie is mentioned in this blog post, hence the somewhat catchy but rather unfortunate title. I'll think of something better later, I'm just too lazy right now...


Last Saturday, with it being the last weekend before school started for me and a lot of my friends (some of my friends had to go back a week early, see, despite what some people think, there are SOME perks of going to public school!) we decided to make the best of the end of our summer! First, I hung out with my two best friends from middle school, Emma and Courtney, who I felt like I hadn't seen in FOREVER, and we went to see the One Direction movie.

Ok, so before I continue, let me just give you my quick spiel on One Direction, because I think you need to hear it from me.

I am NOT a "Directioner" as they so call it, but I honestly don't have some grudge against these guys or anything. I actually sort of enjoy a couple of their songs, they're catchy and kind of funny, and lets just be honest, no matter how much you try and deny it, THEY ARE SO HOT and then their British accents just add on top of that and yup I'm willing to sit through an hour and a half of their story and daily lives and such no problem. They're fine, I'm just not crazy obsessed or anything.

But my friends are, so we went to go see it, and I can't lie, I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.

Courtney and her GIANT coke

After the movie, I went to my friend Matt's birthday party, where I was reunited with some of the friends I hadn't seen all summer (including the love of my life, Cece) and we drank fancy lemonade and watched Zombieland and Jack Miller and played Cornhole and Jack Miller and I had a deep conversation about Miley Cyrus and crazy socks and anything else we could think of all while trying not to break Matt's million year old swing-set. So, it was a pretty fabulous night if I do say so myself...

But the best part was being reunited with Cece. Can't lie.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


So Friday night I got to do something really, REALLY awesome. My friend Austin is in a metal band (which isn't exactly my style, but if it's yours you can check them out here) so since his band was headlining at the Canal Club Friday night, he asked me to be the acoustic opener! I was kind of freaking out, ok actually that's an understatement for what I was feeling, because everyone at the show was there to see metal music, so I was kind of worried they would hate me because the style of music I play and listen to is probably the farthest you can get from metal, but I think everything went alright! I'm so glad I got to do something like that, and even if it was nerve-racking and terrifying beyond belief, it's something I've always wanted to do!

 Austin played with me for most of the songs.
After me and a couple more bands, Austin's band played, which was REALLY loud, and kind of hard to understand sometimes, but I actually really liked it, they put on a really good show. Check them out here.

Well, maybe the next time I play, it will be at some place other than a rock concert, but I guess everyone has to start somewhere right?!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

This Foreign Thing Called Football

So tonight, despite having worked 8 strait hours at the pool, I decided I still had enough energy to go to the Godwin football game tonight with Riona and Cameron. Going to Maggie Walker, who is more popular for our chess club than our nonexistent football team, I'd never actually been to a high school football game before, so being the crazy football fan he is, Cameron decided he needed to change that. Riona came too of course, because the three of us have known each other for 5 years now, and are kind of the original people in our group of camp friends. I got to the game about halfway through, but I was already pretty obvious Godwin was going to win, I mean, even though I don't even have the slightest idea about how anything works in football I could definitely tell that! We didn't actually watch the game that much, just hung around with Cameron's friends from school and watched the pep band and wandered around and took crazy pictures as usual, and talked to my bestie AVERY! He told me all about MW orientation and such, and since we're both Maggie Walker nerds we had a very in depth conversation about our teachers this year and all our nerdy courses and such.

Ugh, school starts on Tuesday and I don't know how I'm going to function without seeing these two while we're all busy with school and homework and life. At least I'll have Avery :)

 Hi wow something's wrong with my eye but I think Avery loves me...
Love her <3

Flash forward 5 years...
I love you both! Hopefully it won't be long before we all see each other again!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another Happy List

big scarves. sweatpants. pictures taken on old disposable cameras. being with those people who you can completely be 100% yourself around. jam sessions. the smell of shoe stores. old kid shows on television. polaroid cameras. little notebooks. getting your girl scout cookies. acoustic music. listening to songs that remind you of someone you love. days with no homework. little kids wearing big goggles. having someone braid your hair. macaroni and cheese. staying up all night. hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. the first night it snows. that feeling after you've just gotten your hair cut. homemade limeade. restaurants with free appetizers. writing on foggy windows. cider on cold days. christmas lights year round.

I Actually Have An Addiction to Doughnuts

So yeah guys, I went back to the Sugar Shack again today.
For probably the bajillionth time.
And it will not be the last time, trust me.
I think I'm starting to have a full on addiction to Sugar Shack doughnuts.
Do they have meetings for these kind of things? Just like they have AA meetings and PTA and all that other stuff?
I feel like they should, because it would be very popular at my school with the Sugar Shack being right around the corner.
Anyway, I wasn't going to go because I was going to try and eat healthy today because of our field hockey game.
But then it started raining, and the game was canceled.
So... the rest is history...

Speaking of field hockey (and this post is kind of random and all over the place sorry) we had a scrimmage against Collegiate Tuesday, which went, well, lets just say, not the best. At least the game was canceled halfway through due to lightening, so they couldn't score any more goals on us than they already had...

But win or lose, here is a rather fabulous picture of my lovely friend Finn looking cute on the bus on the way there.

I'm proud of my team no matter what, because win or lose, we all work really hard.
Also, I'm sorry, but does anyone stand a chance against Collegiate?
Maybe we can beat them at some point, we have another game against them coming up soon!

I guess my team will have to stop eating so many doughnuts between then and now... oh well...