Thursday, August 29, 2013

This Foreign Thing Called Football

So tonight, despite having worked 8 strait hours at the pool, I decided I still had enough energy to go to the Godwin football game tonight with Riona and Cameron. Going to Maggie Walker, who is more popular for our chess club than our nonexistent football team, I'd never actually been to a high school football game before, so being the crazy football fan he is, Cameron decided he needed to change that. Riona came too of course, because the three of us have known each other for 5 years now, and are kind of the original people in our group of camp friends. I got to the game about halfway through, but I was already pretty obvious Godwin was going to win, I mean, even though I don't even have the slightest idea about how anything works in football I could definitely tell that! We didn't actually watch the game that much, just hung around with Cameron's friends from school and watched the pep band and wandered around and took crazy pictures as usual, and talked to my bestie AVERY! He told me all about MW orientation and such, and since we're both Maggie Walker nerds we had a very in depth conversation about our teachers this year and all our nerdy courses and such.

Ugh, school starts on Tuesday and I don't know how I'm going to function without seeing these two while we're all busy with school and homework and life. At least I'll have Avery :)

 Hi wow something's wrong with my eye but I think Avery loves me...
Love her <3

Flash forward 5 years...
I love you both! Hopefully it won't be long before we all see each other again!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another Happy List

big scarves. sweatpants. pictures taken on old disposable cameras. being with those people who you can completely be 100% yourself around. jam sessions. the smell of shoe stores. old kid shows on television. polaroid cameras. little notebooks. getting your girl scout cookies. acoustic music. listening to songs that remind you of someone you love. days with no homework. little kids wearing big goggles. having someone braid your hair. macaroni and cheese. staying up all night. hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. the first night it snows. that feeling after you've just gotten your hair cut. homemade limeade. restaurants with free appetizers. writing on foggy windows. cider on cold days. christmas lights year round.

I Actually Have An Addiction to Doughnuts

So yeah guys, I went back to the Sugar Shack again today.
For probably the bajillionth time.
And it will not be the last time, trust me.
I think I'm starting to have a full on addiction to Sugar Shack doughnuts.
Do they have meetings for these kind of things? Just like they have AA meetings and PTA and all that other stuff?
I feel like they should, because it would be very popular at my school with the Sugar Shack being right around the corner.
Anyway, I wasn't going to go because I was going to try and eat healthy today because of our field hockey game.
But then it started raining, and the game was canceled.
So... the rest is history...

Speaking of field hockey (and this post is kind of random and all over the place sorry) we had a scrimmage against Collegiate Tuesday, which went, well, lets just say, not the best. At least the game was canceled halfway through due to lightening, so they couldn't score any more goals on us than they already had...

But win or lose, here is a rather fabulous picture of my lovely friend Finn looking cute on the bus on the way there.

I'm proud of my team no matter what, because win or lose, we all work really hard.
Also, I'm sorry, but does anyone stand a chance against Collegiate?
Maybe we can beat them at some point, we have another game against them coming up soon!

I guess my team will have to stop eating so many doughnuts between then and now... oh well...

Monday, August 26, 2013

Crazy Grandkids

Happy 76th to my fabulous grandma! In celebration of 76 years (not to mention the 53 years my grandparents have been married) my family, minus my Dad who was currently in St. Louis, and my uncle Ed and Uncle Kirk who were on a boat trip, got together for homemade cake and pasta salad and an excuse for my aunt and uncle to let Meg and I look after our younger cousins for a while. Most of the following photos are of Alex (age 6) and Claire (age 5), mostly because they are the most photogenic members of our family, but also because Meg and I spent a lot of the afternoon playing freeze tag and swinging on swings and exploring the "little paths" in our backyard. 
At least one of them wants to smile.
Swinging fun
I obviously can't compare to these cute kids, but at least they look adorable.
Chasing cousin Meg.
Decorating the cake with Grandpa.
Happy Birthday Grandma!
And think, she could have ended up with NORMAL grandchildren!

Congrats on making it 76 years grandma! (Especially since you've put up with us for most of it...) 

Guess Who's Not Broke Anymore?

After being COMPLETELY broke all summer, it was nice to finally find a job in August.
And even though we may only have one week of summer left, something exciting happened.


Yes, I'm a working girl now. Even though it may not be much, it's the first money I've ever really worked hard to earn myself, and I'm proud to say I stuck with my job and put in the effort. :)

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Every couple months, a hermit crab will have to find a new shell.

This process isn't as easy as it sounds. First, the hermit crab must somehow wiggle his way out of the too small shell that has been his home for as long as he can remember. Next, he must leave this home behind, going off in search of something bigger, something better.

His old shell sits alone at the bottom of the ocean floor.

If the shell is lucky, the ocean currents will eventually carry it out to the beach, where it will be found and treasured by some small child.

If it is unlucky, the pressure of the ocean will become to much for it to handle, and it will eventually crumble into dust.

But if this shell is just normal, just average, it will spend the rest of its life on the ocean floor.


Not broken,

But empty.

It contains nothing, for its sole purpose has left and gone off in search of something new.

I feel life is often like a shell.

Many feel their purpose has left them, wandered to far to even be seen by anyone around them. We're lost, empty, sitting alone at the bottom of the deep, cold ocean. Sometimes we wonder if there's anything left out there for us, another friend, another purpose.

But the waves refuse to carry us there.

So for now, here we sit.



Not broken,

But empty.

Midnight Ravioli

Ok so it had been six weeks since I'd last seen Lucy.
You heard that right, SIX WEEKS!
Which is way to long in my opinion.
So we decided we couldn't wait any longer than we already had, and I slept over at her house Thursday night.
I mean, I guess we didn't do anything too out of the ordinary.
That is, if anything we do at all is ordinary...
We went to the playground in the dark and swung on the swings as usual.
We walked to our friend Katie's house afterwards and serenaded her from outside her window so her parents wouldn't see us.
We made ginger, lemon, lime, mint, banana, and pineapple popsicles,
which honestly tasted like some bad sure for a hangover or something,
but were also strangely addicting.
We made midnight pumpkin ravioli with lots of butter.
We looked at Tumblr for at least an hour.
We talked about life and summer vacation and tried to pretend we aren't going back to school in a week.

Sometimes, I feel like Lucy and I are the same person.
Or at least we just have the same brain.
I'm glad I've found someone who understands my craving to eat at night, my love for cheesy old movies, and how I always want to walk around barefoot in the dark.
I love Lucy.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Presidential Duties

After tons of cheesy posters and bad campaign speeches and 4 runoff elections, my friend Priya and I were finally elected as the Class of 2016's sophomore class presidents. Unfortunately, being a "president" over summer vacation is a bit of a challenge, with everyone trying to communicate over Facebook and email and various other ways of communication through social media, so Priya and I decided it would be best to get together to figure everything out before school starts in a week. We were sort of kind of productive. But it was so pretty outside we couldn't help ourselves... so we went outside after a little bit and ate popsicles and homemade bread and took weird pictures and hung out with my dog and and played my guitar while sitting on my porch swing, and did other important presidential duties like that...

Casual hair flip
I look like a gorilla
 Hi my name is Virginia and I struggle
I love Priya more than food.

I think Priya and I are going to make fabulous presidents... well, we'll try :)