Monday, August 12, 2013

Norfolk // Day Two

Here's to the second (and last) day at the beach!
Today we spent most of the morning/afternoon on my uncles's sailboat! We thought the weather was going to prevent us from actually using the sail, but once we got out onto the bay, we were able to put the sail up and sail up and down the coast!
Sometimes I wonder how me, who takes WAY too many photos, ended up with a sister who refuses to show her face in any of them... Oh well, you gotta love Meg :)
This was a fort we passed out on the bay built during WWI to be used as a lookout to see German submarines.
Our crab friend who someone managed to get all the way on the boat...
At least I have uncles who will sort-of smile for me...
Proud to say I rode on a boat that belongs to people who are happy to be just who they are.
Still won't face the camera...

So it's been a great weekend! Now I'm back to sprints and 3 hour practices and feeling like I could pass out at any minute from the heat. I'm just glad I always have a place like the beach to go to!

And yes, Maddy was probably the most disappointed when we had to leave...

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