Friday, August 23, 2013

Presidential Duties

After tons of cheesy posters and bad campaign speeches and 4 runoff elections, my friend Priya and I were finally elected as the Class of 2016's sophomore class presidents. Unfortunately, being a "president" over summer vacation is a bit of a challenge, with everyone trying to communicate over Facebook and email and various other ways of communication through social media, so Priya and I decided it would be best to get together to figure everything out before school starts in a week. We were sort of kind of productive. But it was so pretty outside we couldn't help ourselves... so we went outside after a little bit and ate popsicles and homemade bread and took weird pictures and hung out with my dog and and played my guitar while sitting on my porch swing, and did other important presidential duties like that...

Casual hair flip
I look like a gorilla
 Hi my name is Virginia and I struggle
I love Priya more than food.

I think Priya and I are going to make fabulous presidents... well, we'll try :)

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