Saturday, August 24, 2013

Midnight Ravioli

Ok so it had been six weeks since I'd last seen Lucy.
You heard that right, SIX WEEKS!
Which is way to long in my opinion.
So we decided we couldn't wait any longer than we already had, and I slept over at her house Thursday night.
I mean, I guess we didn't do anything too out of the ordinary.
That is, if anything we do at all is ordinary...
We went to the playground in the dark and swung on the swings as usual.
We walked to our friend Katie's house afterwards and serenaded her from outside her window so her parents wouldn't see us.
We made ginger, lemon, lime, mint, banana, and pineapple popsicles,
which honestly tasted like some bad sure for a hangover or something,
but were also strangely addicting.
We made midnight pumpkin ravioli with lots of butter.
We looked at Tumblr for at least an hour.
We talked about life and summer vacation and tried to pretend we aren't going back to school in a week.

Sometimes, I feel like Lucy and I are the same person.
Or at least we just have the same brain.
I'm glad I've found someone who understands my craving to eat at night, my love for cheesy old movies, and how I always want to walk around barefoot in the dark.
I love Lucy.

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