Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sugar and Sprints and Everything Nice

Have I mentioned that I love, love, LOVE my field hockey team before?
Well, they're amazing.
By any standards they are incredible, but compared to last year I can't even believe that complete 180 that is the team I play for.
We may have only been together for 3 weeks at this point, but we already feel like a family.
I guess running sprints and having to carry water coolers across the field helps people bond.
But with my team, it's more than that.
We look out for each other, root for each other, laugh with each other.
Maybe not all of us are the best players, but everyone knows their talents,
as well as appreciates everyone else for theirs.
Coach Adler makes even the hardest of practices fun.
She knows how to cheer us all up and get us motivated,
but she also knows how to push us to be OUR best, not anyone else's. 
Even if there is an age gap between the girls on the team, it doesn't really matter.
We're all best friends.

After last year, I considered not coming back.
I didn't want to feel like a worthless member of the team anymore.
I was tired of sitting on the bench, 
being lectured for not working hard enough when I was pushing myself past my capable limits,
being ignored for doing something good,
and being lectured for doing something wrong.

But now that I'm back, I wouldn't trade it for anything else. 
I'm thankful for every single one of the girls on the team.
I'm thankful for our hardworking coaches.
I'm thankful that we have the opportunity, no matter how much we screw up, to try again.
As well as I'm glad we have the Sugar Shack right around the corner, so we may have gone there after practice today...


I'm just happy I gave this team another chance, and I didn't give up after one bad experience.
Things have changed, and for the better.
Now I finally feel like I'm a part of a team, instead of just playing on my own.
And I couldn't be happier.

Wow I make the same face in every photo awkward...

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