Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Beauty Runs in the Family

Ok, sorry, this post is completely irrelevant and kind of out of nowhere, but I just felt like these needed to be shared.

After receiving the family beach photos a couple days ago, I didn't actually bother to look at them until now. And I noticed something.

Observe 95% of the pictures taken that afternoon:

Photo #1:
I feel like everyone's expression in this photo pretty much says, "I could care less about what's going on"

Photo #2:
Everyone's true side finally is revealed

Photo #3:
Close this time, but my grandpa's horrifying grin combined with my sister's face palm kind of ruin the effect.

Photo #4:
Front Row- Sad
Middle Row- Angry
Back Row- Confused

Photo #5:
Attempt at a casual hair flip?

Well, looking at some of my relatives in these makes me wonder if I'm going to be awkward forever.
Oh well.
Eventually we were vaguely successful.
So maybe I'll be ok.


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