Saturday, August 10, 2013

Norfolk // Day One

Hello everyone! I'm currently writing this from Norfolk Virginia, where I am spending the weekend visiting my uncles!

Since my uncles just recently moved out of their condo to a house right on the beach, we figured we had to visit it soon! Therefore, since my dad is still out of town, we took the rest of the family (Maddy included) up to Norfolk for the weekend to check it out! Even though we've only been here a day, we've had a great time hanging out on their boat, swimming in the ocean, and eating way too much Alfredo and Caprese Salad.

 The first place we went in Norfolk was the Marina where my uncles keep their boat, and it turned out the be the day of the Duct Tape Regatta! I'm feeling a bit nostalgic...
 Maddy, with some struggle, managed to get on the boat.
She also enjoyed just hanging out in my uncle's new house.
Back at the house, my uncles taught Meg and I to sail the "Sunfish", which was basically just a mini sailboat.
Meg was a natural...
I think she loves me....
My uncle Ed on the Sunfish
My uncle Kirk chilling under the umbrella.
About halfway through the day there was a giant storm, but the result was huge rainbow across the sky.
After dinner, we took Maddy out on the beach for the first time ever, and lets just say she LOVED it.
She was very excited to be by the ocean.
Maddy wanted to swim as far out as she could.

I love my uncles new house, being with my family, sailing, being on the beach at night, feeling the sand between my toes, sitting in the sun and reading my book, eating fancy desert, and just basically everything that comes along with being in Norfolk for the weekend.

Also, I love Meg.
But you knew that.

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