Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I Actually Have An Addiction to Doughnuts

So yeah guys, I went back to the Sugar Shack again today.
For probably the bajillionth time.
And it will not be the last time, trust me.
I think I'm starting to have a full on addiction to Sugar Shack doughnuts.
Do they have meetings for these kind of things? Just like they have AA meetings and PTA and all that other stuff?
I feel like they should, because it would be very popular at my school with the Sugar Shack being right around the corner.
Anyway, I wasn't going to go because I was going to try and eat healthy today because of our field hockey game.
But then it started raining, and the game was canceled.
So... the rest is history...

Speaking of field hockey (and this post is kind of random and all over the place sorry) we had a scrimmage against Collegiate Tuesday, which went, well, lets just say, not the best. At least the game was canceled halfway through due to lightening, so they couldn't score any more goals on us than they already had...

But win or lose, here is a rather fabulous picture of my lovely friend Finn looking cute on the bus on the way there.

I'm proud of my team no matter what, because win or lose, we all work really hard.
Also, I'm sorry, but does anyone stand a chance against Collegiate?
Maybe we can beat them at some point, we have another game against them coming up soon!

I guess my team will have to stop eating so many doughnuts between then and now... oh well...

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