Monday, August 26, 2013

Crazy Grandkids

Happy 76th to my fabulous grandma! In celebration of 76 years (not to mention the 53 years my grandparents have been married) my family, minus my Dad who was currently in St. Louis, and my uncle Ed and Uncle Kirk who were on a boat trip, got together for homemade cake and pasta salad and an excuse for my aunt and uncle to let Meg and I look after our younger cousins for a while. Most of the following photos are of Alex (age 6) and Claire (age 5), mostly because they are the most photogenic members of our family, but also because Meg and I spent a lot of the afternoon playing freeze tag and swinging on swings and exploring the "little paths" in our backyard. 
At least one of them wants to smile.
Swinging fun
I obviously can't compare to these cute kids, but at least they look adorable.
Chasing cousin Meg.
Decorating the cake with Grandpa.
Happy Birthday Grandma!
And think, she could have ended up with NORMAL grandchildren!

Congrats on making it 76 years grandma! (Especially since you've put up with us for most of it...) 

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