Friday, August 9, 2013

Carytown Take 2

Well, I figured today was going to be a bad day. It was a million degrees outside (and I had to run a full gauntlet), I was kind of tired from having to wake up so early, and I figured it would be another day just like pretty much every other day this summer, spent hanging around in my pajamas watching Netflix for hours on end.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

First of all, HAWKINS ONLY MADE US RUN A HALF GAUNTLET! I know this probably sounds like a stupid thing to be happy over, but full gauntlets are pretty much like death and I had been freaking out about it since the night before thinking I was going to be that one person who fainted or couldn't finish or something. Also, since it was really, REALLY hot today (temperatures in the high 90's with 98% humidity) we spent a lot of the time just sitting in the shade stretching and talking and just hanging out. Also, I MADE JV FIELD HOCKEY!!! No one got cut this year since we didn't have that large of a group of freshmen try out, so it's going to be an awesome season!

After practice, Finn's mom, Mrs. O'byrne, came by and picked me up and took me back to their house. Finn and I hung out for a while, ate spaghetti, took some crazy pictures, and eventually went to Carytown where we met our friend Siena who we had not seen since school ended. We had such a fun time together after not seeing each other for months!

Finn is the definition of beauty
We went to BEV's for ice cream because it is about a million times better than both Sweet Frog and Yapple...
Trying out canes in Bygone's
Please excuse my unfortunate face, but we just had to try on these top hats...
 Rachet mirror selfie sorry these hats were just too great...
True love.

We checked out pretty much every thrift store in Carytown (I bought a cute 1$ dress), and ate doughnuts, ice cream, slurpees, sushi, and pretty much everything else you can imagine.

After a week of field hockey practice I think I deserve to pig out.
Actually, I say that every day.
Oh well.

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