Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Cure for Any Bad Day, Ever.

I don't know everyone who will read this post, but I'm assuming maybe not all of you have had your best day today.
No matter what your situation is, I have a solution that is guaranteed to cheer you up.
Here is a series of some of my favorite photos of Meg, photos that will put a smile on your face no matter who you are.

Gangster Meg.
Meg featuring lizard.
Squinty Meg.
Meg featuring butterfly.
Meg on the first day of first grade.
Pure happiness.
Typical Meg.
Meg, proud collector of pine needles.
Meg, the pro Just Dance player.
Meg's true side is revealed.
Meg did the duck face before it was cool.

So, wherever, whoever, and whatever you are, I hope these photos at least put a smile on your face.
Meg seems to be able to do that to people.

I love you Meg. I love love love love love you!

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