Wednesday, September 4, 2013

This Is Us

Ok, so sorry about the really bad title, and yes, if you were wondering, the One Direction movie is mentioned in this blog post, hence the somewhat catchy but rather unfortunate title. I'll think of something better later, I'm just too lazy right now...


Last Saturday, with it being the last weekend before school started for me and a lot of my friends (some of my friends had to go back a week early, see, despite what some people think, there are SOME perks of going to public school!) we decided to make the best of the end of our summer! First, I hung out with my two best friends from middle school, Emma and Courtney, who I felt like I hadn't seen in FOREVER, and we went to see the One Direction movie.

Ok, so before I continue, let me just give you my quick spiel on One Direction, because I think you need to hear it from me.

I am NOT a "Directioner" as they so call it, but I honestly don't have some grudge against these guys or anything. I actually sort of enjoy a couple of their songs, they're catchy and kind of funny, and lets just be honest, no matter how much you try and deny it, THEY ARE SO HOT and then their British accents just add on top of that and yup I'm willing to sit through an hour and a half of their story and daily lives and such no problem. They're fine, I'm just not crazy obsessed or anything.

But my friends are, so we went to go see it, and I can't lie, I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.

Courtney and her GIANT coke

After the movie, I went to my friend Matt's birthday party, where I was reunited with some of the friends I hadn't seen all summer (including the love of my life, Cece) and we drank fancy lemonade and watched Zombieland and Jack Miller and played Cornhole and Jack Miller and I had a deep conversation about Miley Cyrus and crazy socks and anything else we could think of all while trying not to break Matt's million year old swing-set. So, it was a pretty fabulous night if I do say so myself...

But the best part was being reunited with Cece. Can't lie.

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