Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Day Full of Basically Everything I Love

I spent most of Monday afternoon with my friend Lucy. Lucy and I kind of have a problem staying away from the Goodwill close to our houses, so most of the afternoon was spent wandering through the aisles of the GIANT Goodwill in Bon Air, looking at cute mismatched silverware and weird toys and crazy hats. The amount of stuff we chose to try on was ridiculous, but we had so much fun trying on some crazy things. I did end up being pretty successful though, getting 7 articles of clothing for only 20$, with only one jokey thing (Lucy and I got matching sparkly shirts, hers with martini glasses on it and mine with butterflies. We just couldn't pass them up) After finishing at Goodwill, we walked over to the Fresh Market around the corner for a sort-of dinner kind of thing, but we ended up just buying weird snacky things like cucumber soda (which was disgusting) and black pepper popcorn and RAZZLES! Ok, so quick awkward side-note thing, growing up I kind of had this weird obsession with that movie 13 Going on 30 with Jennifer Gardner in it, and they ate Razzles all the time, but I didn't know they actually existed, so I got really excited when I saw them and had to try them! They were actually pretty good, a little weird though...

Eventually, Lucy's mom came to Fresh Market and brought us home, and Lucy and I spent a lot of time laughing over our ridiculous purchases at Goodwill. We watched Parks and Recreation (because I had never seen it before, I have no idea how because it's amazing) and walked over to the park near her house in the dark where we swung on the swings for about an hour talking about life. When we got home, we ate Panera bagels and watched Before Sunrise.

Ok, to be perfectly honest I am a sucker for cheesy romance movies, but this one just wasn't really even cheesy. It was just wonderful, and probably the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Please just watch this trailer and tell me you don't think this is the best thing you have ever seen. If you do think it is the best thing you've ever seen, lucky for you, the third movie, Before Midnight, just came out this year, which I am dying to see.

Basically, I just can't.

So, it was just a pretty wonderful day, Lucy is one of my very best friends and I look forward to more Goodwill extravaganzas in the future!

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