Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunny Days in RVA

I have been in love with the weather lately. Rainy days might be for some people, but to be perfectly honest, they just kind of make me sad. I really like when it's sunny outside, but just cool enough that you don't get hot too quickly. I mean, that hasn't exactly been the case this week with the 90+ degree weather, but at least it's a start. Along with fantastic weather, this weekend has been absolutely wonderful, because FINALLY after 2 weeks of sadness and deprivation I got to see my friends again. Friday night we all got together at Jack's house for a bonfire/Super Smash Brothers tournament (and since I had never played, I lost epically), and Saturday night, we had a jam sesh at Maria's house, with MORE marshmallows plus sparklers and vegetarian hot dogs and rolling down her hill. Basically, it's been a great weekend, and although my picture quality isn't the best, nor the most well positioned, cropped, etc. I figured I'd share some photos from the weekend with you.

I just can't even take the cuteness of this photo. Meg didn't want to have her picture taken, but I just couldn't resist.

Jack playing on the rocking horse at Maria's house, featuring Cyrus and Derrick

My mom had a gift card for a free smoothie at Panera, so we tried the Cherry Limeade one, and it was AMAZING! I also appreciated the oversized straws :)

Finn being adorable in Jack's backyard

Fiza brought her film camera, and it was so cool. I'm saving up for a better camera, but I'm debating getting a film one now because the pictures turn out so amazing!

Horrible quality photo, but here is Derrick with his sparklers

Sunita with her sparkler, also a sort of quality photograph for the first time ever.

Thank god for sunny weekends and my best friends. I kind of don't know what I'd do without either one of them...

Jack made a video of us rolling down the hill, just in case you're interested. As are most of my photos on this blog, this video is very high quality. Except not...

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