Monday, July 1, 2013

-Not So- Sunny Days in RVA

Happy Rainy day everyone! Despite my post about nice sunny weather yesterday, it poured today! It only started around 8 o'clock, so Faith and I had already been at Kings Dominion for a couple of hours when we had to take cover in the Kings Dominion Theater. (This doesn't mean we didn't dance in the rain for a little while though, because of course we did) It was pretty humid all day, so the rain was actually pretty refreshing, and it was pretty fun to ride the Shockwave with rain pouring down on us! 

The rain didn't stop the park from turning on the lights once it got dark though, so I took a photo of the color changing water, although I did steal the picture of the trees off the internet because of my horrible quality photos... Oh well!

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