Saturday, July 27, 2013

True Colors

So I remember back in 7th grade chorus, our eccentric yet rather wonderful chorus teacher, Ms. Burford, made us sing this song called "True Colors"originally by Cyndi Lauper and later covered by the Glee cast, which, if you were born around the same time I was, unfortunately is probably the version you know. Anyways, the song has a good meaning, and trust me, I have nothing against Cyndi Lauper or good old 80's music, but I admit, my friends and I sometimes remember our awkward middle school years by singing this song... Which is kind of what happened today.

We had a good reason though. Many people have probably heard of the Color Run, Richmond held one back in March and they have been happening all over the country, which has inspired many other organizations to host color runs, many of which are in RVA. So this morning, me and my two best friends from middle school, Emma and Courtney, all got back together again to do the run together, get covered in colored corn starch, and sing really loudly the whole way through, as well as for hours afterward. It was a wonderful day, despite having to wake up at 7 o'clock to get there on time (why anyone would want to love all the way in New Kent and drive into the city every day is beyond me... of well, to each their own)

Before and After

Emma looking snazzy with her packet of color

Just ignore my really unfortunate face in this...

Emma looks sassy even when she throws color.

You can just ignore my face in this too...

I struggle.

Emma's selfies during the race

Mid-race selfie of the three of us

Emma's selfie featuring random other runner // otherwise known as the best picture to ever exist


Aftermath of the Color Vibe

This was the result...

Mr. H, staying classy as always

I slightly resemble Shrek

Best friends <3

So, even if we all went to different high schools, even if we only get to see each other on occasion, and even if we know different people and lead different lives then we may have before, there's nothing big enough to bring us apart. Everyone has a rough time in middle schools, lets just admit it, but finding the two best friends in the world to go through that awkward stage with you and still love you once you get out of it (actually, I'm not sure if I'll EVER get out of it) it something that not many people can say they have. I am so lucky to have friends like Emma and Courtney. Here's to 6 years and counting!

Also, just watch this:

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