Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How Sweet the Sound

It's finally here... CAMP PICTURES!

I'm actually probably as excited as you are, because I hadn't seen any of the pictures before my friend Avery posted them this morning. So I spent a long time stalking all of them and missing camp and remembering all the amazing times we had this year.

I don't really know how to say this, but I know the friends I've made here are friends I'll have for life. Spending two weeks constantly together may seem hard, but it brings us so close together, these people are like my family. I've told some of them things I've never told anyone else, we've shared memories no one else would understand, and I know they'll love me and support me no matter what. I really mean it when I say I love you guys. Thanks for being there no matter how long we've known each other, whether that be 6, 5, or even just 2 years. I really do love you guys, thanks for an amazing year. :)

And with that, here are the pictures!

Yeah sorry, we took stereotypical jumping pictures at B-Woods

I don't usually look like this, I just hadn't showered in a while, plus I'm standing next to Olivia

Brethren Woods had a camp dog named Nala, so we all enjoyed playing with her, especially Zach

Beautiful views from the mountains

Selfies with my best friends on Zach's phone

We all love Avery.

Riona looking 'intense' before rock climbing

Oh hey Zach...

Ruthie climbing up the cliff

Ruthie looking at the view from the top of the mountain


Avery looking hardcore

Hanna on the wall

Mary belaying and looking intense

Learning how to repel down the side of this giant scary cliff

Avery is secretly a model


They asked me to make an intense face before climbing the hard wall... this resulted...

All of us on top of the mountain

Olivia at the very top

Lydia and me climbing up the cliff

Charlie doing the hardest wall with no problem at all...

I wasn't actually that high up...

Beautiful sunset featuring Lydia doing Sumo

The views from the top of the mountain were incredible

Family photo 2013

Watching the sunset

So no matter where I go, what choices I make, or what happens to all of us in the future, I know that these amazing people will always be a part of me. Even though this was our last year as actual campers, even though this may be some people's last years at all, I know that we'll always come back to each other in the end. You guys are my family, you know me better then anyone else. Thank you for always being there, even if we only see each other a couple weeks out of the year. 

I love you guys.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound.

That saved a wretch like me.

I once was lost but now am found.

Was blind but now I see.


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