Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ends and Beginnings

Today was the banquet/picnic celebrating this wonderful season on Bon Air swim team! Even though I missed half of the meets to be at camp or the beach or some other crazy thing happening in my life, we still had a great season, and I loved spending the first part of my summer with some of my best friends. I just can't believe it's over already! I guess there's still champs! (eek I'm nervous!)

Anyway, since this was one of those rare times when I see these people not wearing swim caps or drenched in chlorinated water or wearing swimsuits, we took plenty of pictures to celebrate a great season as well as many wonderful years together! Even though it feels like the end in a way, the summer isn't over yet, and we have many more swim seasons ahead of us in summers to come!

Savannah, Kelsey, and Faith have been my friends for the longest. I can't even remember a time without them, and I don't ever see a time without them in the future. We've been with each other through everything, had way too many crazy sleepovers to count, and have too many inside jokes and memories to even remember. I love them all so much.

Congrats Bon Air swim team on an awesome season! I hope everyone does a great job at champs on Tuesday, and win or lose, we definitely have had a season to remember!

Go Blue Streaks!

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