Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Reasons Why I Love Lucy

Yesterday was another day spent with my amazing best friend Lucy. It was amazingly wonderful as usual, so I decided to dedicate a post to all the reasons I love Lucy (Mostly so I can just reference to I Love Lucy, which is one of the best shows of all time and if you haven't seen it I recommend changing that as soon as you possibly can) 

1. She understands my perpetual fear of doctor's offices

Yesterday, both Lucy and I had to go to the doctor, so we shared our very similar experiences. Basically, neither of us like finger pricks, so we shared similar stories, of me freaking out and almost falling off the chair, and her crying for 20 minutes. It's nice that we don't judge each other for these rather humiliating experiences. Luckily I snapchatted her pictures of the amazing doctor's outfit I was forced to wear, and she sent me inspiring messages on Facebook along with pictures of young Hugh Grant, and everything was better.

Also, after I finished at the doctor, my dad took us to get slurpees, so even though this doesn't have to do with Lucy, I figured the pictures were worth sharing...

Embarrassing selfies with my slurpee....

Yummmmmmmm :)

2. She goes to the playground in the rain with me and wades in the creek.

So, my house isn't actually that interesting of a place to hang out other then the playground around the corner. Even though it was pouring down rain and the playground was practically underwater, Lucy and I decided to go over there anyway. We swung on the swings in the rain, which was a little scary due to the fact that they were over a HUGE mud puddle that we could have potentially fallen into at any moment, and then we walked over to the creek near the playground and waded for a little while in the rain. Unfortunately, we forgot our crocs, so it was a little rough, but neither of us really minded the mud or rocks, although honestly I did have this stupid fear of a snake coming out at us or something. 

I took some not-so artsy pictures of the creek

Here's Lucy "modeling" in the rain

3. She has the best taste in movies

Lucy seems to understand my weird taste in movies, because every time I go to her house we always watch some weird 90's movie that I think is going to be really odd but end up loving (ex. Before Sunrise) Last night we watched Good Will Hunting, and honestly, when she first read me the title I thought it was about some people hunting for things at Goodwill or something. It actually turned out to be amazing for 3 reasons, 1) Matt Damon and his cute 90's haircut, 2) Robin Williams because he is Robin Williams, and 3) Basically everything else about it. I just can't, there were just so many feelings I can't even take it, and Minnie Driver was the love interest and her cute British accent and all the 90's outfits and cute young Matt Damon being a genius and I can't even describe my love for this movie. Just watch it, you won't regret it.


4. She understands my obsession with So You Think You Can Dance

This show, I don't even know what to say. To those who think So You Think You Can Dance sounds stupid, please think again. It is so wonderful. I am kind of obsessed, I can't stop watching it, because everyone is so talented and flexible and I can't even touch my toes but oh well. Along with that, they have the most adorable people on this show, I don't even know how to describe it. Lucy and I spent way too much time last night watching old dances on YouTube, but it was worth it because it's just so beautiful my heart can't take it. Just watch this and you'll understand:

Example Number 1: Marco and Melanie Lyrical Hip Hop

We cry every time, because Leona Lewis, and cute little Melanie Moore, and lyrical hip hop, and maybe we need to get more of a life but this is just too great.

Example Number 2: Kent and Lauren Contemporary

So judge me all you want, but this is my all-time favorite dance on the show ever, probably just because I'm a sucker for cheesy romantic things, and this is just so cute I can't.

I basically just love Lucy more then I could ever describe.

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