Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Year in Review // Scheduled Camp Post #1

Hey everyone! So, I'm currently at camp for the next two weeks, but I figured it would be a shame for this blog to go that long without being updated a couple times, so even though I won't be updating about my current happenings since I'll be too busy caving and rock climbing and getting eaten alive by mosquitos, I have written some posts which are scheduled to post at random times throughout these next two weeks! Here's the first one!

There are so many amazing photos taken this year, so I just wanted to share some of the amazing moments this year with you! I hope you like them!


1. I played field hockey and had WAY too many strange photoshoots with Lori. 

2. Homecoming happened.

3. I more than occasionally third-wheeled.

4. I hung out with new friends...

5. And was reunited with old.

6. Strange things happened at swim team, including MEETING KATIE LEDECKY!

7. Around came 2013.

8. I went to some parties, spent a lot of time doing homework, and hung out with my friends.


10. We did the Color Run and Alt-Prom.

11. I got bangs.

12. The Great Jacksby deserves an honorable mention. 

13. I went to weddings, beach adventures, and ate popsicles.

It's been an awesome year! Thanks for all the memories!

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