Sunday, July 21, 2013


I know I just got back from camp yesterday, but since my friend Kim is leaving today for 3rd session, we decided we HAD to get together in the small 24 hour period between sessions. We were going to go to the pool, but since it started to rain as soon as she got here, we decided we would have to just go to the playground instead. We swung on the swings for a long time, then waded in the creek and took some interesting pictures of us with a tree...

After getting back from the creek we ate spaghetti and salad and homemade bread and it was delicious, although I do admit I miss Cindy's rolls more than anything... Since I was still in a camp-mood and Kim was exciting about going the next day, we sang some camp songs and talked about the new counselors and played one of our favorite camp games, Pterodactyl. 

Since you're not allowed to show your teeth in Pterodactyl, some odd things resulted, such as this:

Afterward, we decided to go spray ourselves with the hose because we hadn't been able to go to the pool, but it started thundering so we just filled up my giant bathtub and "swam" in our swimsuits. It was really fun, but since Kim leaves today, I'm not going to see her for 2 more weeks! I'm just glad I got to see her before she left, or it would have been 4 weeks without her!

Meg is going to miss Kim too.

Basically, 2 weeks is going to feel like a long time. At least I can write to her! I'm jealous of her being at camp!

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