Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Post Where I Show You All the Embarrassing Covers I've Done

Ever since my grandparents bought me my guitar in the summer before 6th grade, I haven't been able to stop playing it. I never really thought about recording anything until recently though, when I started recording sort-of professionally in the recording studio in one of my best friends houses. I guess I figured maybe I could sort of try recording some stuff myself, and although my first couple of recordings were pretty rough, I did eventually kind of figure out how to sort of work my Garage Band. So here is a selection of some of my favorite covers I've done, but I have a SoundCloud if you ever want to hear more! ------> My SoundCloud

Anyway, without further ado, here are some covers! Also, I look REALLY weird when I sing, so these are just voice recordings with a black background. I hope you like them!

SLEEPYHEAD (Passion Pit Cover)

Ok, so this is a song I did with the acapella group at my school, the Deadbeats. We never actually got around the performing it, but I really liked the song, even though it is unlike the other covers I've done. This one definitely had more effects on it and stuff, but all of the parts are me, even if they sound weird! I messed up a bit, but I think the overall recording is alright :)

TIMSHEL (Mumford and Sons cover)

This is yet another song I did with the Deadbeats, but we did actually get around to performing it! I just loved this song so much I wanted to try it out all by myself, and I am pretty happy with the end result. Mumford and Sons is one of my all-time favorite bands ever, if not my absolute favorite one, so doing this song was really fun!

CHICAGO (Sufjan Stevens cover)

I absolutely love this song, it's just really unique and different. Yet again, this song was introduced to me by the Deadbeats, but I did all the parts in this cover myself. I hope you like it!


Ok, so this is actually an original song, so the lyrics/tune might not be the best, but it is the first original I have recorded with harmony, backup tracks, etc. The basic message of this song is that society is hiding behind lies, and that everything we see is kind of an illusion. I'll let you listen to the lyrics and try to figure them out :)

Well, I think this is everything I'll show you for now! I update my SoundCloud every once in a while, and it should be more often now that it is summer! I really hope you like everything I've done!

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