Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ginger Cookies and Other Recent Happenings in the Taylor Household

Ok, so I really need to learn to write shorter titles...

But anyway, a lot of stuff has been going on recently, and I felt that even though most of it is irrelevant and probably pretty unimportant in the span of the entire universe, maybe it is important enough to be shared here. So here goes:

1. Bon Air beat Brandermill in the meet Tuesday! 

It was actually a pretty horrible meet for me though, I didn't get anywhere close to any of my best times, and my goggles fell off during my 100 free resulting in my losing epically and having to swim the entire race with my eyes closed to prevent my contacts from falling out. Oh well. After the meet, we stayed after to sort ribbons and then had our annual girls swim team sleepover at my house, where we played a very intense game of Apples to Apples, had a Twister tournament (which I epically failed), ate way too many potato chips and played a couple intense rounds of Mario Kart (which I epically won, due to my sad 6th grade self having no purpose other than to play Mario Kart) We took way too many weird photos but had so much fun!

Awkward selfies after the meet 

Faith being cute with the Twister board


Kayla and Kelsey looking beautiful while playing Twister

Basically my favorite photo of all time

2. Meg made some of her famous ginger cookies :)

Unfortunately, she wouldn't let me eat any. Meg makes the most amazing ginger cookies in the entire world, but this time she only made them for her piano recital, so I had to wait until the reception to eat them. Since it was sunny and wonderful today, she did agree to go on a walk with me though, even though she would only let me take one picture of her. Once I did finally eat some of those ginger cookies though, it was all worth it.


I really like the way the light turned out in this picture.

Meg is cute.

Good old Bon Air

I mean, basically that's it. Nothing really that interesting just wanted to share these photo I guess! I'll write later!

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