Friday, June 28, 2013

Something Incredible

So I'm a couple days late posting this, but I figured it needed to be talked about.

Supreme Court strikes down Defense of Marriage Act

I've never really understood why people make such a big deal about who other people love. I know there may be people out there who disagree, people out there who will argue their point against me, but I believe love is love, no matter who is involved in it. I believe that even if you don't understand where people are coming from, you should think about what it must feel like to be in their shoes, how it must feel to have society tell you that you CAN'T love the person you know you do, that it is "inhumane" or "gross" and that people are making stupid "choices" by choosing to love someone.

Growing up, I experienced a gay couple firsthand. My moms brother, my uncle Ed, is gay and has been living with his partner for over 20 years. Unfortunately, the state of Virginia has still not legalized gay marriage, and is being somewhat slow to do so. Even despite these boundaries, my uncles love each other, and I know this for a fact. I know this because I see the way they support each other, the way they joke around and laugh with each other, and simply the way they look at each other. It hurts me to know there are people out there, people in my own family in fact, who are disgusted by this, who believe that my uncles should not be together, no matter how much they love each other.

This year I joined the GSA at my high school, and met some really amazing people. The thing I love about the GSA is that you can be strait, gay, bi, whatever, no one judges and everyone just loves each other for who they are, not based on who they love. With the GSA I have experienced some really amazing things, I went to Alt-Prom, the prom designed for students from GSA's around the city to people who just don't feel comfortable bringing the person they really want to bring to their own prom. That night was something I'll never forget, sure I had fun dancing with my friends and enjoying a prom-like experience even as a freshman, but some of the people I met I will never forget. I met one woman, Lisa, who was born a biological male but identifies as a woman, and she really showed me that being who she knows she is is something important to her, even if society often tells these type of people what they are doing is wrong. I saw one of my good friends from camp and his boyfriend, met a hilarious lesbian couple who we danced with all night, as well as some other kids from GSA's at other high schools who were in a similar situation as me. Meeting these people made me realize that people are people, no matter what they identify as, who they love, or what they choose to wear, and those who are willing to go against society and be themselves even with what feels like the whole world against them are the bravest of all.

So, maybe not all of this has to do with the recent DOMA news, but I feel that it is important to share what I have learned my whole life, this year, and what I hope to continue to learn for a long time. Even though I am not in this position myself, I believe that gay, bi, transgender, etc. you have the same rights as anyone else, because people are people. Even if gay people still aren't allowed to marry in some states, I'm glad that the Supreme Court has finally chosen to recognize these people, recognize that they are human beings, human beings who deserve all the same rights as anyone anywhere. Maybe this isn't the end, but the Supreme Court striking down DOMA is the start for people like my uncles, people who feel like their voices haven't been heard for so long. I'm proud that the people in power in our country have made this action, and I know this is just the start of great things to come.

Here's a group shot of me and a couple of my friends at Alt-Prom, featuring the amazing drag queen Natasha :)

Finally, here is the video for Same Love by Mackelmore and Miranda Lambert. It's beautiful, please just listen to the whole thing. I cry every time.

For all of those who have felt like your voices have been ignored, or you have been discriminated against for who you are or who you love, you are amazing, brave people. Thank you for not giving up, because moments like this are the start of a great future for everyone. Love is love.

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